Increase Share Of Wallet By Offering Buy Now Pay Later

With Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) you can provide customers with more financial control to make purchases more affordable, while driving volume and spend frequency.

BNPL services and installment payment plans continue to grow in popularity in recent years. Consumers are increasingly choosing to pay in installments, and with ChainMe, you can build a BNPL program to meet that demand.

Get started today with your installment payment program.

Why ChainMe?

BNPL and installment payment options are here to stay. With our global platform, you can enable your cardholders to pay with installments.

Create the best customer experience for any installment use case

Stand-alone installment loans that are approved pre-purchase allow your customers to simply link an installment account. Alternatively, you can issue real-time virtual cards to facilitate the transaction.
Offer installment payment options at the merchant point-of-sale (POS) to mitigate potential losses in transaction volume. ChainMe’s virtual card and loan capabilities offer easy-to-implement, network-agnostic, installment lending capabilities.
Enable cardholders to convert a card transaction into an installment payment plan to ease cardholder budget constraints and deliver consumer value propositions.

Flexible risk, decisioning, APR, and repayment controls that can be adjusted in real-time

Customize the end-user experience with end-to-end origination, servicing, and reconciliation capabilities